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Upcoming Events

  • This is Your Season To Rest
    This is Your Season To Rest
    Sat, Mar 25
    2715 Jorie Blvd
    Mar 25, 9:00 AM
    2715 Jorie Blvd, 2715 Jorie Blvd, Oak Brook, IL 60523, USA
    Payment due March 11, 2023 75$/person includes conference, continental breakfast, and lunch


By God's grace we are who we are, He has made us all that we are and all that we will be. We have been designed to create, lead, grow, develop and so much more. It's God's grace that allows us to do these things in excellence and with grace. 

- 1 Corinthians 15:10

The Bible says that we're clothed with strength and dignity. Women2Women seeks to challenge each woman to walk in her God given strength with dignity and pride.

- Proverbs 31:25




Wisdom is like a delicious honey, rich and sweet. Here at Woman2Woman we seek to reinforce the importance of wisdom in women's lives. We as women should be so rich in wisdom that its sweetness spills  over into every area of our lives. 

Joins us every 1st Saturday
of the month for our regular meetings!

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