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Not admitting other things or to restrict.

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Though we are inclusive of others we're not inclusive of the stuff that will harm or get in the way of the things that are most important to us, starting with our relationship with Christ. 

Yeah, we know others our age may think that's "wrong" but whatever, it's our choice to dedicate our lives to one true and living God. 

We live our lives with boldness and freedom, proclaiming the same gospel that a bunch of other teenagers did 2000+ years ago. Peter, John, James and the other 12 disciples were more than likely teenagers and young people like us, so if they can take a stand against the crazy of their day so can we. 

The Exclusive Family

Touch-in's are every 1st Saturday!

Camping Site

Camp Out

Grab your tent, sleeping bag and doggy bags for this weekend excursion. We'll engage nature, the word of God and each other in this fun filled weekend! 

Parental release is required for all  participants. 


Gals vs. Guys Trivia Night

Who knows more the ladies or the gents? We'll find out August 17th! To join a team and participate in this first ever WBI Exclusive event sign up below! All participants receive a limited edition Exclusive t-shirt but winners take home the big bag! 


The Plunge

Are you ready to take the plunge and make a public decoration of your faith? Now's a better time than any. Baptism doesn't mean your saved but it does mean that you're ready to live a declared life before the world. If you're ready to take YOUR plunge then sign up below!

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