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Deliverance is when God sovereignly reaches down and cuts the cords that bind us to what oppresses is! Whether it be a harsh master, a besetting sin, a fiery trial...deliverance involves the hand of God severing the power of that thing over you. He supernaturally takes you from a place of oppression to a place of breakthrough, by severing things in the spirit realm. Deliverance is by grace, a sovereign act of God deliverance is a miracle! We believe that deliverance is key to having a healthy growing relationship with God.


This house is built on prayer. We believe that A healthy prayer life is a direct line of communication with God that draws us closer and closer to him. We believe that prayer is the ultimate conversation with God not just to tell Him what we need but to hear from Him. We believe that through prayer God fills us with His Spirit, His will, and divinely directs our paths.


We desire real encounters with God. If you are not looking for superficial services and events that do not allow you to enjoy the presence of God. This is the place for you! We enjoy HIS presence and we set the atmosphere for true encounters with God! Understanding that in His presence is where everything we need is. We encourage all on the importance of understanding the difference between traditional service and a true relationship with God.


Discipleship is the process of making disciples that can make disciples. This is one of our main priorities. To build strong disciples with the mind of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ strengthening the body with the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the ways of God. Then taking what they have learned and raise up more disciples.


We believe that everything begins and ends with the family. So our goal is to help build healthy prayer filled God lead families. Healthy families equal a healthy church!




We are not called to stay in the church but to break down the walls of the church! We are called to be a blessing to the homeless, the orphaned, and widows. Helping all of God’s children by spreading His love, feeding the hungry, praying for the sick, and supplying other needs in our communities. We also believe in supporting missions that are designed to spread the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Whether it’s local, nationwide or abroad.

Breaking down the walls of the church to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

THE VISION: We are committed to going beyond the church walls and ministering the gospel of the kingdom of God and our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ. Breaking down the walls that hinder us from having and experiencing a true relationship with God. We believe in the Great Commission and are committed to building up true disciples of Jesus Christ. We want to see all of God's children have a deeper relationship with our Heavenly Father by breaking down the walls of anger, mistrust, abuse addiction, lust, homosexuality, Lesbianism, alcoholism, drug abuse, adultery, fornication, loneliness, depression, and poverty. We will introduce the saving power of Jesus Christ to mend the cracks that these labels identify. Like in Nehemiah 4:16-18, we will stand with our brothers and sisters with a shovel (the love of God) in one hand and a sword (the Word of God) in the other. In an effort to mend and make whole what the enemy has tried to destroy.


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