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Kings AT THE KING'S Table

Inside every man is a young boy that has been hurt but has never had the opportunity to heal. Because of this many have built up defensive walls so thick no one has been able to reach that hurting place. 

Kings at the KING's Table is an outlet for men to release every pain, burden, and disappointment in a safe environment, without fear of being judged. 

Each 3rd Saturday, at 9:00 am, we've created an environment of honor and integrity within this circle of brothers. Hence the statement, "what's said at the King's table stays at the king's table or you will not be able to return to the king's Table."

This group is ever expanding so join us at your leisure! For any questions about Kings at the KING'S Table shoot us a line here, someone will respond to you within 24 hours.

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Kings Gallery


Current & Upcoming Happenings

Men of Honor

Building men of honor is something the Lord has burdened this ministry with.


This year we're taking time to teach, encourage and charge men to be The KINGS men.

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