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Saturday's In Person at 9:00 AM

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Meet Our Leaders

Pastor Chris Hudson & Lady T Hudson

Apostle & Lady T, are the lead servants of Wall Breakers International Church.  They are on fire for God’s Kingdom, God’s will, and God’s people. 

Our purpose in ministry is to breakdown the walls of the brick-and-mortar church to build the church that God truly loves, His people. 

Our goal is to introduce the Gospel, to all, in such a real way that it pricks the hearts of the hearer to give their lives to Jesus Christ and be filled with the Holy Spirit. 

Our call is to take the Word to the forgotten!  Those that many do not desire to go after and share the love of God with them. 

Apostle & Lady T are committed to being Wall Breakers!  Breaking down every wall that hinders anyone from experiencing the true love and saving power of God!  

Cracked Earth

P. O. BOX 7675

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Saturday Worship!

Saturday's 9:00 AM CST 


Bible Study Wednesday's 7:00 PM

Zoom: 417 420 6045

Password: 628672 

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Our Current Partners:
Thank you to our partnering with Wall Breakers International Church.  Login to  Fasting Guidelines, Announcement, Scripture to meditate on, and more.  

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